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Sia Body Beads

Butterfly Kisses

Butterfly Kisses

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  • One luxury waist bead, your choice of traditional tie-on or lobster clasp
  • Created on a durable Ghanian string
  • Faceted rose gold and purple glass crystal beads with cute butterfly crystals

If you choose to add on a clasp:

All findings used to construct the clasp are stainless steel and brass. All findings are silver in color and nickel-free.

Please measure your waist, to ensure a proper fit. Do not guess your size! Make sure your measurement includes a little wiggle room to accommodate natural bloating and daily activities.


How to measure for waist beads

Benefits of waist beads

  • Monitor weight loss/gain: as you lose weight your weight, your waist beads will fall down towards your hips; as you gain weight your waist beads will get tighter and rise up your waist
  • Increase sensuality: very enticing in the bedroom; men love to see them move 😊
  • Improve body awareness: beads around your waist remind you to stand tall and engage your abdomen as you walk
  • Promote self-love: waist beads cover your blemishes and stretch marks and make your tummy even more beautiful
  • Spiritual practice: you can cleanse and bless your waist beads before you tie them on
  • Reward for accomplishing a goal or for setting a goal: you can tie on a new waist bead to serve as a reminder of your achievements; set your intention before you tie

How to tie your waist beads

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