About us

A letter to my customers.... 

A few years ago, I felt so dissatisfied. I knew that I was not pushing myself to my full potential. Internally, I mulled over this for months. I asked myself, "What made me happy when I was a child?" I started to remember all those hours I spent beading, making bracelets and necklaces. With so many colors, sizes and textures, I would go at it for hours on end. So, with purpose, I went to the craft store in search of something to satisfy this desire to create. 

After much trial and error, I can truly say that creating waist beads has taught me so much. To me, it is not as simple as bead and string. I am not here to tell you the purpose of your beads. That is for you to decide. Why? Because that is part of the beauty of it. Your strands are what you want them to be. In a world full of rules, your waist beads are yours and you make the rules. Self-love, prosperity, weight loss, beauty...whatever meaning they have to you, you better work them beads girl! Cleanse your strands, set your intentions, and wear them with purpose and pride.

Every time I make a new piece for my daughter, Star, or a shipment of beads comes in, she's right by my side saying, "Ohhhhh, that's pretty!" When I tie the beads on her, she runs to the nearest mirror and says, "I'm CUTE, Mom!" while turning in circles admiring herself. That, right there, is the energy I intend to send to you. That child-like giddiness...that acceptance of self, flaws and all...the rest is truly up to you! It is my desire that every time you tie a strand on your waist that you have that same pure excitement Star has. 

At Sia Body Beads, it is our mission to create upscale jewelry that

Enhances your natural beauty,
Cultivates your innate powers and strengths, and
Serves as a constant reminder that
With much love and gratitude, 


-CEO of  Sia Body Beads